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Find out what design style suits your home in Jamesburg, NJ

Your home should reflect your unique style and personality, and your home decor is a large part of your interior design. Custom drapes, modern furniture and stylish details can create the look you're going for.

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Style ideas for your home

There are many design styles to choose from and many decor options for each style. With the right furniture and home accents, you can have the home you've always wanted.

If you don't know where to start, we'll walk you through the various style options, like:

  • Traditional- This classic style is influenced by 19th-century England and France and features ornate furniture.
  • Contemporary- This style creates an open and airy space, along with light and simple furniture that make the room look brighter.
  • Transitional- The transitional style is a happy medium between traditional and contemporary, with ornate and simplistic styles blended together.
  • Modern- Modern design offers midcentury and postmodern details with a lot of sleek lines, metals and glass.
  • Eclectic - An "anything goes" kind of design that's carefully curated around a person's unique style.
  • Minimalist - The minimalist style has clean lines, simple finishes and neutral colors.
  • Midcentury modern- Developed in the '50s and '60s, this style incorporates a lot of wood and pops of warm color.
  • Bohemian- This style incorporates lots of woven pieces, mixed patterns and natural light.
  • Modern farmhouse- This rustic look combines aged wood with galvanized steel, along with neutral colors and antique furniture.
  • French country- This ornate style uses antique furniture, chandeliers, ornamental windows and large, dramatic drapes.

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